Yak what a beautiful name for an extraordinary animal with two particular horns, that "truly lives close to the sky" at the high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau. In this region every family owns a yak for its milk, tea as a pack animal, and, at the end of its life, the skin is used to build their homes (tents). The yak fur is traditionally collected with a large wooden comb during seasonal changes when the animal has excessive fibers. For immemorial times spinning and weaving are done by hand.

Cashmere camouflage

"I imagined a cashmere sweater having the colors that inspired the new collection, the colors of stones, before becoming precious, striated opaque, the colors blend together in natural way. Always different. This has been the challenge when we started, that led us to create unique sweaters, one different from the other, in three different colors: the first one, worn by Chloe, reminds the idea of a lawn, before the beginning of winter. Earth, moss and lichens merge, before the snow falls and everything becomes white. The second one suggests the idea of ruby, in it's raw natural state, when is still a stone and shows shades of different reds. The third one tells mountain night walks, guided by the stars's light, when the steps are in the blue..."