Massimo Alba begins his career behind the scenes as a designer and creative director for a number of influential Italian brands.In the mid eighties he created the brands Ever Clean e 97 rue des Mimosas, and cashmere items for home. Thanks to the product and image innovation, the concept and the brand 97 rue des Mimosas and Ever Clean were acquired by Malo in 1987. As creative director for Malo (1988-1999), he designed and developed a new brand and product concept, overseeing the image of the collections, showrooms and stores. He was both the product designer and coordinator of all communication actions. From 2000 to 2002, as creative director, he relaunched the brand Agnona.

In 2002 he was appointed as creative director of Dawson International in order to develop the Ballantyne brand. He designed and developed the product, style and collections and the integrated communication strategy for the Ballantyne concept, from the image of showrooms and stores to advertising. In 2003 Charme Investments, Alfredo Canessa and Massimo Alba acquired Ballantyne, with Massimo Alba as creative director until 2006. In that year, the Massimo Alba brand was registered, and its path started in a space of 350 square meters in Milano’s Naviglio area, via Corsico 8, which rapresent the soul of the brand.

The first opening was in Milano, Via Brera 8, and the same concept is recreated inside historical Palazzo Lacellotti in Rome in 2014. In 2017, the opening of the first seasonal store in Liguria, specifically in Sestri Levante, followed by the store opening in Bellagio and Taormina. The brand is distributed in the US by CD Network, and for what concerns the Scandinavian market, by Gruppo Vulpe. Massimo Alba’s collections are characterised by unstructured tailoring, exclusive fabrics and the use of natural chemical-free pigments in the garment dying process and finishes. The personal connection with objects and memories, the study and attention to details, are perceived inside Massimo Alba’s boutiques and corners around the world.

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uno dei più garbati interpreti della magia tattile ed evocativa del cashmere.
Matteo Guamaccia per D Repubblica

Massimo Alba’s tagline, “Proudly made in Italy”, is at the heart of the brand. With a range of relaxed, unstructured jackets and refined basics handmade from the finest fabrics, the label – like the man himself – epitomises effortless Italian style.
Mr Porter

And his signature piece is an handkerchief. He designs new ones each season, treating them like miniature inspiration boards. Alba says “It’s a nice thing to give to someone you just met, or maybe you lose it and it becomes somebody else’s.” Your odds of finding a Massimo Alba hankie in the back of an Uber are slim, but if it happens, you just got blessed-so be sure to give your driver five stars.
Samuel Hine for GQStyle US