James Bond wearing Massimo Alba

The encounter between Massimo Alba and James Bond takes place in 2019, on an ordinary Fall afternoon. Founded on the concept of emotional comfort, Massimo Alba’s understated luxury was selected as a key element for Bond’s sartorial return to the big screen. Crafted entirely in one of the house’s most iconic, recognisable fabrics, the garments from the “Baby Corduroy Edition" define the iconic character in a contemporary and sentimental key through soft, relaxed volumes.

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"In this new movie, I noticed a more human and sensitive Bond, without ever giving up on his more authentic side…” observes Creative Director Massimo Alba, the mastermind behind a wardrobe that celebrates the perfect match between an emotional approach to style and elevated menswear.

The news was picked up by the most relevant international newspapers, from the New York Times to Esquire, as well as having been cited in a special CNN documentary dedicated to the production behind James Bond: No Time to Die.

"This Bond wears corduroy. The super spy gets a makeover thanks to Italian designer Massimo Alba." - New York Times

As cited in Corriere della Sera, Bond’s sartorial transformation stems from Craig’s personal intuition. According to the piece, the actor had “already worn garments by Massimo Alba on other occasions”. Remarkable media coverage led for the news to travel across Europe, to the United States, all the way to Asia. “James Bond's corduroy represents the coolest anti-establishment statement in the world” states The Prestige Hong Kong. Taschen and Christies printed the images inside their most recent books dedicated to the infamous super spy. In 2020, the Sloop Suit was displayed at London’s Cinema Museum for the "Bond In Motion" exhibition.

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