Massimo Alba & Smythson

Words have always been important to Massimo Alba. Printed on handkerchiefs, embroidered on pillows or curtains in stores, they are tools for expressing thoughts and telling stories, remembering and celebrating poetry, connecting people. This premise inspired the collaboration with Smythson, which resulted in the development of a new tool for conveying Massimo Alba’s sentimental vision of the world beyond clothing.

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A collection of nine distinct cards accompanied by matching envelopes, elegantly presented in the iconic and unmistakable blue box by Smythson. Each card features watercolour writing that harmoniously complements the interior of its respective envelope. Meticulously crafted in England.

“My wish is that this box be opened during a moment of love. I chose Smythson’s blue because it has always been one of my favorite colors.” - Massimo Alba