Massimo Alba meets the Valextra universe in a collaboration featuring six independent brands from the Milanese scene. The "EXTRAMILANO" project represents a celebration of the community of independent thinkers and creative entrepreneurs who, together, shape Milan by embodying the diverse style of the city and its culture of spontaneous and organic collaboration.

For the project, Massimo Alba created a series of four bags and six key-chains inspired by the brand's founding values, such as kindness, respect for the environment, and its eclectic, silent yet witty elegance.


Elena Braghieri

A collaboration between Massimo Alba and Elena Braghieri.

The collection, made of six unique handkerchiefs, sees as its protagonists the all-italian visual narratives of the photographer.

Framed between one of our most iconic accessories, the images acquire a new form of their own, as they transform into portable, pocket-sized islands.


François Berthoud

For the Spring / Summer 2020 season, Massimo Alba created a set of six handkerchiefs in collaboration with the artist François Berthoud.

The brand’s classic accessory lends itself as a canvas for the distinctive and unique illustrations of the Franco-Swiss artist.


African Parks

The "Africa" collection, made of both handkerchiefs and scarves, was created in collaboration with the artist Clementina and African Parks, an NGO association which handles and manages certain, protected African territories on behalf of governments in collaboration with local communities. The project was born from the idea of offering a contribution finalized to protect the future of our yet unspoiled nature.

Part of the proceeds from the purchase of each handkerchief or scarf was donated to support African Parks' efforts and management of the 15 parks in 9 countries where they are preserving more than 10.5 million hectares of landscapes, safeguarding the habitat of some of the most important species on the planet - including elephants, rhinos, lions and gorillas.


Alan Crisogano

Originally from Brazil, Alan Crisogano, illustrator and tattoo artist, as well as friend of the brand, creates a collection of handkerchiefs for two consecutive seasons signed by Massimo Alba. With his distinctive illustrations that celebrate the colorful nature of South America, parrots, jaguars, butterflies, frogs come alive through shapes and colors that recall the classic aesthetics of tattoos: one of the oldest forms of artistic expression of man, highly widespread and culturally significant.